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Mobile Phones


We are one of the largest GSM handsets exporters in the Eastern Europe.

  • Mobile operators;
  • Telecoms equipment producers;
  • Mobile phones distributors and retailers.

You want to supply mobile phones to the Eastern Europe, North Africa and Middle-East? You are a mobile operator and you want to provide you clients with handsets with you own brand? You want to find partners to consolidate purchases?

  • We arrange producing and delivering of handsets with your brand from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) и Original Design Manufacturers (ODM);
  • We offer best deals in the mobile phones wholesale market in the Central and Eastern Europe, Middle East and North Africa;
  • We arrange consolidating purchases for operators and distributors;
  • We participate in the major mobile operators’ marketing campaigns;
  • We have contacts with the largest mobile phones retail chains in the ex-USSR countries.

After the registration, in our price list you can find the best prices in the market. All you need to do  is to fill out the order form and our experts will chose the best fit for your request.
Here you can find:

  • Handsets prices and specifications,
  • Order form, delivery and payment terms.

After filling out the order for you can add your specific comments to it. If you don’t find the specific model you’re interested in on our price list you can also mention it in the comments. Our staff will do its best to help you.
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MOBITEL LOGISTIC works with the most reliable logistics companies and also has its own transport and warehouse capacities. We offer you shipping lots of all sizes. Given that MOBITEL CERTIFICATION  arranges preparing all the documentation necessary to import goods into the EU and  former-USSR countries, our clients are freed from any problems that might arise while importing goods and delivering them to customers.

  • Mobile operators;
  • Mobile phones distributors and retailers;
  • Telecoms equipment producers.

Our services include:

  • delivery of goods from a manufacturer/seller to customers
  • either by our own transport
  • or by finding  a third partner;
  • providing warehousing facilities, either own or third party’s;
  • inspecting  goods.

Our partners are TNT Logistic, Czech Air Lines, Aeroflot, Schenker, LOT, AEROSVIT


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Foreign Exchange Currency Converter
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Term and Conditions

All prices are FCA Prague if nothing else is stated.

Payment Terms:
Payment will be made by 100% Telex Transfer (TT) - SWIFT transfer

Selling Conditions:
To purchase from MOBITEL, we need an Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order (ICPO) signed by buyer including company V.A.T. number (for EU countries), contact person, phone number, fax, adress, model, units, purchase price, total purchase price and product specification. The ICPO has to be faxed to +420 2 333 21 807. After receiving the ICPO buyer will receive a Proforma Invoice (PI). The PI will include payment instructions, product details, agreed purchase conditions, inspection procedures, inspection adress and the above mentioned details of buyers ICPO.

Purchase Conditions:
After receiving our issued ICPO, seller will issue a PI including all details about the products offered and the agreed purchase conditions in detail.

Freight Forwarder:
Buyers decides by themselves.

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